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View Resource The Role of accountability in combating corruption in Local Government Authorities in Tanzania: Case Study of Mbozi District Council

The devolution that was done in Tanzania in the 1990s brought several challenges, one of them being grand corruption in the local governments. The purpose of this research was to investigate the role of governance in combating corruption in local government authorities in Tanzania using Mbozi district council and focusing on accountability, transparency, and integrity and influence leadership. The...
View Resource The Effectiveness of Reward System In Pusrawi International College of Medical Sciences (PICOMS) Malaysia

PICOMS has been implementing some intrinsic and extrinsic reward systems. This paper focuses on investigating the effectiveness of this reward system. A questionnaire survey has been carried out within the institution among 180 employees and students. Further, this paper will evaluate the worthiness of implementing such reward system, and also suggesting possible improvements to further enhance...

The overall purpose of this study was to examine the role of NGO’s in alleviating food insecurity in Urban Dire Dawa Compassion International Donate Child Development Project.
View Resource Work life conflict and its impact on Turnover intention of Employees: The Mediation Role of Job satisfaction

Apparel industry has been the Sri Lanka’s largest gross export earner and it is considered as one of the biggest industries in Sri Lanka. However, employees are facing many issues in balancing of their work life and family life in the apparel industry. Employees are assets to the organization and the organization always tries to avoid losing the key performers. Therefore, apparel companies are...
View Resource Satellites: The differential equations of motion of the system

This paper deals with the analyses of the effect of earths oblateness and magnetic force on the motion of a system of two particles .The relative motion of the particles ,for case of circular motion of the center of mass of the system
View Resource The effect of using Ordinary Cement Brands in Kenya on Corrosion Rate of Reinforced Concrete Water Conveyancing Structures

In the past decade Kenya has experienced an increased demand of cement for construction of infrastructure projects including the Mega standard gauge railway and the Lamu Port South Sudan-Ethiopia Transport Corridor. The cement production and consumption increased from 154,781 tonnes per year in January 2005 to 564,000 tonnes per year in January 2017 an average of 22% increment per annum.
View Resource Effect of Corrosion Inhibitors Influence on Bond Behavior of reinforced concrete Structures Exposed to Corrosive Environment of Sodium Chloride (NaCl)

Corrosion of reinforced concrete members generates tremendous tensile stress within the concrete surroundings, thereby cutting short expected design life span of structures. This experimental work investigated the influence of corrosion inhibitors of mangifera indica steel coated bar with resins / exudates on the bond behavior of reinforced concrete cube members. Cubes of 150 mm x150 mmx150 mm of...
View Resource A SWOT Analysis of Landfill Management System: Case Study of Talangagung Edu-tourism Landfill in Malang, East Java

The educational tourism landfill management system was one way that could be applied by the landfill manager to support environment based waste management program and environmental conservation education. This study aimed to determine the status quo of Talangagung educational tourisme (edu-tourism) landfill, at Kepanjen, Malang as one landfill model of national pilot that had implemented...

In Different physical environment, for examples sensor are placed in tunnels, bridges and forest areas there is an problem in energy draining .since there is an difficult to replace the battery at each time networks lifetime is dependent when battery power gets decreased ,the network lifetime will be increased. To improve a networks lifetime three constraints are too been considered with coverage,...
View Resource Gender Issues in Hindi Language Family Based Teleserials

Teleserials in India constitute major share of the time devoted to entertainment programmes on the Hindi language channels of Indian television. In India, teleserials rose to popularity after Humlog, the first TV serial that became a major success on Doordarshan. Liberalization and globalization led to the private channels started telecasting mega serials about big business families. The year 2008...